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Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is right time to invest money on stocks

This is right time to invest money on stocks because yesterday it's come down below 16000 in BSE and 4850 in NSE.  Now you can invest your money to get real benefits after a month or two.  I believe this is the right time invest your money on long term and it is giving you the nice benefits to make real online money through Indian Stock Market.

I hope to see the market will slightly improve today and Petrol price might be effected the market today and tomorrow.   I just want to watch the market for getting nice results in the indian stock market and now Indian Government make some negative decision like Petrol Hike and likely to be hiked Diesel and other petro products.  In India, Dollar value is also falling down and it will expect to come down upto Rs.60.00 per one dollar.  Now the time to sell your gold and silver and all other products because you can wait for some time to come down the Indian Rupees to buy Gold and Silver.

Most of the brokers in the market now sell the gold and silver to convert into book the profit.  So you can sell it to make real profit this week.   I hope to watch the market closely to give suggestion to you all to make real points and tips here.