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Friday, December 16, 2011

Market status today

Indian Share Market was given positive results before 1.30 pm after that it was getting down to 15491 points. We don't know what happened in our Stock Market and It will be getting postive results from next month. You may get in to the market to invest your money and this may be the right to invest your money here.

I hope it will be giving more opportunity to multiple your money through share market. So you may not need to get more income from home. I just reveal this today's results which will be giving you the best result to make yourself to know what is going on in stock market. Gold and Silver are getting improving everyday and it will be rocking in coming weeks.

I just want to tell you this is the right time to invest more money to get back your loses into profit through stock market. In India, you have to read this blog to get more ideas to make money through this share market investment opportunity. Thanks

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indian Share Market down trend

Indian Share Market down trend on because of some specific reason about Government activity. Still people are waiting to know about the 2G and other small problem in India. I too expect some action from the Central Government to give hope to the people and the market. In India, unstable government solution may fall Indian Rupee soon. This month Reserve Bank of India also decided to hike the interest rate to avoid economic inflation.

I hope India is the developing country to get more investment from worldwide to improve the economy system. But Government may not have much idea about it but they are having some useless principle like wallmart and other retail seller to be permitted into India. But It might be not be working out for long term. Otherwise they can import the goods and sell it through Local retailers. So Indian Market system may affect for coming days.

Indian Stock market is slightly affected for the above reason. So Stock holders can wait for sometime to get more negative results in the share market. After that they can catch the right area to invest their money. Meanwhile, they can invest their money in the stocks which already in down trend. So you should yourself to make your positive results in the stock market.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indian Share Market in down trend

Indian Share Market is getting down trend from last week. We don't know the specific reason for that but we can utilize this time to invest your money in the right area. You can find the best company which help you to make huge money when market come back to the right trend. I hope Stock market will be coming back to 19k + soon. So you just plan your schedule to invest your money in the right company.

Normally Day trading is having risk factor but long term investment might be the safe investment side and it is also having small down and up trend. First we should choose the company which we invest it. Also we have to make money from this investment through long term and we should come out at the right time when market is in positive mode for your company. I have seen lot of companies are still gainer side today as well as losers side.

So we should choose the right company which will be helping us to get more income strategy through our proper planning for our investment. Stock market generally have two types one is Equity and another one is Commodity. Most of the people are choosing Equity system to invest their money and many of them need to invest their money in Gold (Commodity).

Now you can choose the right company to invest your money because BSE is in 15600 and NSE is in 4696. So you can find your company to check their situation in the current trend to invest your money. It will be getting the best result in the coming weeks.